The princess on the pea упражнение

Сценарий The Princess and the Pea
методическая разработка по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему

Сценарий спектакля на английском языке “The Princess and the Pea” по мотивам одноименной датской народной сказки. Для использования во внеклассной работе: например – неделя английского языка, конкурс театральных постановок и другие. Для учащихся 7-9 классов. Подобный сценарий помогает детям лучше освоить иностранный язык, вызывает интерес и помогает проявлять творческие способности. Так, ребенок, играя, перевоплощаясь, активно познает мир. А также развивается умение работать в команде.


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Предварительный просмотр:

«Принцесса на горошине»

Звук грозы, дождя. Занавес открывается. У камина король и королева. Стук в дверь.

Королева. At last!

(Король с зонтом идет открывать дверь. Вводит принцессу, Она дрожит, чихает )

Король . Who are you, little girl?

Принцесса. I am a princess.

Король. A real princess?

Принцесса. And aren’t there unreal ones?

Королева. ( Снимает мокрый плащ, накидывает на плечи теплый платок.) She is quite wet. Poor thing! What does she look like! Come on, Come on, Your Majesty, let me help you.

Принцесса. What a wonderful palace! I like it here very much!

Королева. Oh my God! She is hardly standing on her feet, poor girl. Come on, Your Highness.

Принцесса. And this is a prince, isn’t he?

Королева. Yes, he is.

Принцесса. And I have imagined you exactly so. Hello!

Принц. Hello. You look funny.

Королева. Well, enough talk. Come on, Your Highness, I will give you some tea and put you to bed.

Король. A funny girl. She has imagined herself a princess.

Принц. It often happens to the girls of her age.

Королева. She has fallen asleep. A charming feature, isn’t she? My heart tells me that she is a real princess. You’ll see, she’ll wake up tomorrow and tell us her amazing story.

Король. Princesses do not appear by themselves! They must be looked for, captivated and won! And you are ready to marry the Prince to anyone, wishing him always to be near your trail!

Королева. Ok, we’ll test her tomorrow.

Принц. Are you kidding?

Королева. You’ll see, you’ll see.

( Королева уходит. Король уговаривая принца отправиться на поиски принцессы.)

Король. Hurry up, my son. While your mother does not see, you have to start on your journey.

Король. For the real princess. You will not find her being in the palace. You’re a knight, roads can’t embarrass you. The horse has been saddled. All the ducks have been got in a row. You shouldn’t sit and wait for anything here anymore. You will rather wait until my death than your wedding.

Принц. Thank you, Father.

Король. Well, God bless you. Ride.

(Принц уходит. Выходит королева, смотрит в след сыны. Звук копыт. )

Королева. What have you done, you, monster!

Король. And what have I done?

Королева. Why have you incited him to this crazy way! What have you done. Our palace is deserted. My poor boy!

Король. Why is he a boy? He is not a boy, but a man already. Soon he will come back with a charming princess.

Королева. What does he know about princesses?!

Король. Our son is well educated, brave, honest, smart and shrewd. I am sure that he will be able to make the right choice.

(Король уводит королеву.)

Принц. Hey, swineherd, are you from this kingdom?

Свинопас. Of course. The devil take it.

Принц. And is there a princess in your kingdom?

Свинопас. What there is not for you.

Принц. Swineherd, stand me in good stead. Put your hands on the wall and place your back. And I will pay you.

Свинопас. Well, what’s the problem? It’s a running practice. Swineherds have always supported princes.

(Принц забирается на спину, заглядывает через забор)

Принц. Your kingdom seems to be rich.

Свинопас. For all I care, I am a poor man, you know.

Принц. And who is this grand? It must be a king himself.

Свинопас. The devil take him.

(Выходит принцесса с фрейлинами. Танцуют и поют.)

Принц. And the princess is so charming and graceful!

Свинопас. And you are unlikely. Soon I will have a hump because of your jumps. Get off.

Принц. This is a real princess. I’m crazy.

Свинопас. You are absolutely right.

(Принц расставляет на столе подарки. Вбегает принцесса.)

Принцесса. Presents! I love presents very much! Father, presents!

Фрейлина. Your Majesty, presents!

Принц. I’ll be happy to enjoy you, Princess, because ever since I have seen you . Принцесса. Well, then let’s have a look at what there is. I can’t wait!

(Принц открывает розу)

Фрейлина 1. How fine it is!

Фрейлина 2. More than just fine. It’s just rather well!

Принцесса. What is it made of? Of crepe or of satin?

Принц. That’s a rose from our garden. My father has grown it for you!

Принцесса. Oh, it’s not artificial, it’s just real.

Принц. It’s real indeed.

Принцесса. Fie! Daddy, it’s real indeed.

Фрейлины. Terrible! It’s real indeed! How you dare to bring it to the princess! What shame!

(Король собирается уходить)

Принцесса. Daddy, let’s find something funny?

(Принц открывает соловья)

Принцесса. I hope the bird is not real?

Принц. A real nightingale.

Принцесса. What ignorance! (Все уходят)

Король. Swinishness! (Уходит)

(Принц выходит на авансцену, садится, грустит)

Свинопас. Well, brushed off, Your Highness?

Принц. How you dare to talk to me like that, swineherd?

Свинопас. I am not a swineherd anymore. You have been sent, but I have sent them to all pigs. I am sick and tired of this drudgery. I have already been dreaming about these pig tails. I am looking forward to putting off this hateful costume.

Принц. Listen, if you’re so eager, put it off now.

Свинопас. Right now?

Принц. Yes, and I will give this for it (протягивает мешочек с деньгами) .

(Уходят переодеваться. Выходит принцесса с фрейлинами)

Принцесса. Well, what will we do today?

Фрейлина 1. Let’ s play forfeits, Your Highness.

Принцесса. Don’t say «Yes» and «No», and don’t name a black and white colour. Ok? Let father play this game.

Фрейлина 2. Well, then let’s visit somebody.

Принцесса. But you forget that I am a king’s daughter! I can’t visit you. And I can’t call you to my place. Well, think! For what do I feed you and pay you a salary?! Think!

(Появляется принц с музыкальным горшочком)

Принцесса. And who is playing there?

Фрейлина 1. Our new swineherd.

Принцесса. And I can also play this music on the piano. Even with one finger. Listen, let someone come and ask how much this instrument is.

Принцесса. How slow she is! How long can she play around this dirty swineherd?

Фрейлина 2. Your Highness, this little pot is wonderful. It is so well…

Принцесса. How much does he ask for it?

Фрейлина 2. Your Highness, I cannot tell you.

(Шепчет на ухо. Другие фрейлины подслушивают)

Принцесса. What a boor! How he dares!

(Все уходят, но принцесса возвращается к свинопасу)

Принцесса. And this is your praised little pot, isn’t it?

Принц. And I don’t praise it, it praises itself.

Принцесса. Oh, it smells of pork chops.

Принц. It doesn’t, but the king’s kitchen does. You will have pork chops for dinner today.

Принцесса. Will I? I like them very much! And how do you know it?

Принц. It’s not me, it’s a little pot. You should only ask it what dish is being cooked in the kingdom, and then smell as you will learn immediately.

Принцесса. Should I? Or maybe you are kidding? Come on, little pot, what will happen if…

Принц. Uh . no, first pay, and then use.

Принцесса. Ok, and what do you want for it?

Принц. 100 princess’s kisses

Принцесса. He’s gone crazy

Принц. It can’t be cheaper

Принцесса. Listen, won’t you take my waiting ladies’ kisses? Hey! Waiting ladies.

Принц. No. Either 100 princess’s kisses or a little pot will be with me.

Принцесса. Well, I’ll give you 10 kisses and the rest you’ll get from my waiting ladies.

Фрейлина 1. It’s not my cup of tea.

Принцесса. Nothing! If I can kiss a hog man, you can either. Don’t forget, that…

Фрейлины. You feed and salary us.

(Одна фрейлина делает шаг вперед)

Принцесса. You seem to quite lose control! You dare to get so far ahead the queen’s daughter!

Принц. No no. Either 100 princess’s kisses or everybody will have what he or she has.

Принцесса. Waiting ladies, follow nobody to notice us

( Фрейлины считают. Выходит король. Подкрадывается.)

Король. What’s happening there. Aaah… My daughter and her waiting ladies created something. Some new entertainment.We’ll see.

(Подходит поближе и видит, как свинопас целует принцессу)

Король. What a beastliness! Get the hell out of my kingdom!

(Фрейлины убегают, свинопас с музыкальным горшочком тоже. Король уходит.)

Принцесса (плачет). How unhappy I am! Why didn’t I get married to such a wonderful prince, and now I will be a wife of a dirty hog man. (Видит принца)You are a prince, aren’t you? Now that’s a different matter. Now that’s a different matter. Let’ s go to your kingdom as soon as possible.

Принц. No. Now I just hate you. That’s your admirer.

Свинопас. And why do I need her? I’m now a prince by myself.(Подбрасывает мешочек с деньгами)

Принц. Hey, traveler! Listen, stop, please.

Художник. Keep off, stay away from me! I will defend. I shoot badly but I’ll hit.

Принц. I wanted to ask you about the way.

Художник. Keep off, robber! Do you want to take my creature away?

Принц. If you are a painted, you won’t deny me to admire your picture, will you?

Художник. It’s the best I have created!

Принц. What a beauty! What a intelligent, kind, nice faces he has. Who is she?

Художник. Our princess. She is sophistication, an angel. All of us couldn’t live without her. Everybody who serves the beauty would die because of hunger long ago. She has a sense of the beautiful, benevolence, style. She warms everybody like a sun.

Принц. It seems to me that finally I have found the natural one.

(Принцесса поет песню. Танец поклонников)

Принцесса. You know, neither wealth nor gentle hood charms me. Just something unusual, astonishing can conquer me. Today I have a holiday of my soul. Today I’ll see the best, the most incredible in the world. Today I’ll choose the worthiest one who will take a place in my heart for ever. But I love all of you and let the defeated not complain.

Гофмейстер. So, the knights of beauty, let’s start the tournament. The one who’ll make incredible thing, he will become the princess’s husband. In the beginning we have poetry.

Поэт. Yes, now. (Перебирая свитки.)The hand test. These are fragments, rough copies. So, where’s. Ah, yes… here. My poem. The first part. And rose fell upon the Azor’s paw.

Принцесса. How laconically! It’s perfect!

It’s wonderful! Its indisputable!

It’s tight for thoughts here, but widely for feelings!

Гофмейстер. I’m sorry. But what about the second part?

Принцесса. Yes. The second part, please, read it.

Поэт. Oh, my future queen, read the poem from right to left.

Принцесса. And rose fell upon the Azor’s paw. It’s incredible! It can beread there and back. You are a virtuoso, you are a poem magician. I point you to be a poet laureate.

Гофмейстер. And now it’s time for painting.

Принцесса. Put off the veil from picture.

Художник. Your Mightiness, it is painted.

Принцесса. It’s incredible!

Гофмейстер. What a mastery, what a strength of stroke!

Принцесса. What color! You flattered me.

Художник (портрету). No, you are so beautiful! The brush is just forceless to show your charm. I was drawing your portrait days and nights and I was talking to you. I won’t conceal, I love you.

Принцесса. In my opinion, you are more in love with your creature than with original. This love is wonderful. Love your pictures. And I will open an Art Academy by the palace and point you to be the first president.

Гофмейстер . Admirer number three.

Принцесса. There is a mystery, I guess, and the mysterious is always alluringly.

( Принц ставит вазу, накрывает платком)

Принц. Princess, I need your help.

(Принцесса посылает воздушный поцелуй. В вазе появляется роза.)

Принцесса. It’s the best, the most incredible thing in the world.

Гофмейстер. But I have 90 pretenders.

(Вдруг появляется принц-наглец. Подходит к принцессе. Целует её.)

Принцесса: It’s incredible, screaming, unusual. You conquered me. Ah…

(Принц перекидывает принцессу через плечо и уносит.)

Принц . It seems to me that there are not real princesses. That’s true, we have to come back home.

(Принцесса поет песню про любовь в ожидании принца.

Дождь, гроза. На сцене первый дворец. Стук. Король с зонтом идет открывать дверь.)

Король. My boy! It’s good you returned alive and healthy and princess… Forget about her, we’ll live without her.

Принцесса. Welcome happy back, Your Mightiness.

Принц. With happy? For whom?

Принцесса. For your father and mother. For everybody at this home.

Принц. Who’s that?

Королева. Don’t you remember? In the day you left one guest knocked at our door. We were bored without you and the poor girl had no place where to go. So that she stayed with us. Well, stop strive, lassie, sit down.

(Девушка подает чай.)

Принц. What a tasty tea! And the smell of the cake.

Принцесса. Ah, I’ll have it burnt away!

Принц. I’ll go and help.

Король. I wish she were a princess.

Королева. How should you know, Your Mightiness? I assure you, she is the real princess, just got in difficult circumstances.

Король. You never know what she is saying. These tales about angry stepmother, who kicker her away from the kingdom.

Королева. Not every tale is untruth, Your Majesty. And I confirm that she is the real princess. She helped me all this time in kingdom. Why shouldn’t I know this? She has a mind, honour, kindness of a real princess.

Король. She is a lovely girl, but princess is something airy. Look at your hands.

Королева. And look at mines. And am not I a queen? Well, let’s organize an examination for her. The same that your mother organizer for me when I was your bride. Do you remember, Your Mightiness?

Король. What a lot of rubbish! Put even a whole log, she will be without batting an eyelid. She sleeps on a hard bed and doesn’t complain.

Королева .She is just delicate, my dear, delicate as a true princess.

Король. Well, have it your own way.

(Музыка. Несут подушки.Король падает)

Королева. Didn’t you get hurt, Your Majesty? Maybe that’s enough?

Король. I fell, didn’t I? I don’t think so! I need quiet 20 down beds and 20 mattresses, otherwise anybody will feel it.

Принц. Ah, she is coming.

(Все прячутся. Свет гаснет. Музыка. Включается свет. Принцесса спит в кресле. Входят король, королева, принц)

Королева. You see she couldn’t have fallen asleep, poor little thing.

Король . But now she is sleeping.

Королева. Yes, but not in bed.

Король. But now you won’t be able to wake her up in any way.

Королева. Good morning!

Принцесса. Good morning.

Королева. How did you sleep?

Принцесса. I got so sweet enough sleep in this bed. Then I sat down to bind, but the sun warmed so that I fell asleep.

Король. It’s nothing to be surprised at.

Королева. Really. But why do you have red eyes?

Принцесса. It seemed to you.

Королева. It seemed to me?

Принцесса. Я вся точно избитая.I feel awkwardly to tell you the truth but tonight I couldn’t fall asleep. I feel as I was beat.

Королева (достает горошину). Do you hear, Your Majesty? She is full as beat. It is no wonder she couldn’t fall asleep on this hillock (Отдает горошину принцессе.)

Принц. Why couldn’t I distinguish you earlier, my little princess? (Подходит к принцессе, целует её руку, становится на колено.) Your Mightiness, would you agree to be my wife?

Король. We need to prepare for the wedding.

Торговец. Good morning! Good morning! I heard at this house the wedding is prepared. There are engagement rings, wedding ornamentals, various jewels, And all of it I’m ready to give you for one usual pea. It will be put into Kunstkamera, under the glass. And all the princesses around the world will be able to breathe freely, because none of princes will be able to know which one from them is the real princess.

По теме: методические разработки, презентации и конспекты

Сказка- искусство, способное приводить в трепет ребенка, очаровывать, заставлять задуматься взрослого. Развлекательный характер сказок не противоречит их идейной устремленности. Сказки реагирует на не.

в этом материала дан сценарий сказки на английском языке Печальная принцесса.

Урок- сказка на закрепление изученных структур с глаголом Can за 3 класс.

Не секрет, что изучение иностранного языка, особенно на начальном этапе, вызывает у учащихся ряд трудностей. Участие в театрализованной постановке – один из способов мотивировать младших школьников.

Данный интерактивный кроссворд может быть использован на уроке английского языка в 4 – 5 классах для формирования социокультурной компетенции, развития навыков чтения и говорения по тме “Favourite Car.

Спектакль на английском языке “Lazy Little Princess and New Year” был подготовили и проведён учителем английского языка, руководителем кружка «Английский театр» Иксановой Лейсан Масгутовной и учащимис.

В этой сказке могут принять участие как сильный, так и слабые учащиеся. Ролей достаточно на подгруппу из 10-13 человек. Дети получают огромный опыт работы на сцене, показывают уровень владения иностра.


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